Grade-Moonlight (clonal) First Flush 2015

Most of the Darjeeling tea connoisseurs are familiar with this estate, generally known for the high quality First Flush and the muscatel aroma delivered during summer(second flush) Badamtam “Moonlight” tea introduced this year for the first time i.e. 2014 selectively plucked from the tender shoots of Amvari clone commonly known as Av2 produced in a tiny batch of 5 kilos is a semi fermented tea, with lime greenish colour leaves consisting equal number of silver buds(tips) unbroken, The infused leaf has a floral, fruity scent and a light clear liquor. After few minutes of cooling, the tea comes up with a rich peachy flavor. Recommendations-no milk, no sweetner

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Badamtam Moonlight
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Badamtam Moonlight
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Badamtam Moonlight
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